Application To Find Casinos, Bring The Game To You

Smartphone owners already know some of the benefits of online casino games. Now they can find the nearest physical casino (only available in the UK at the moment) through a new application called “Casino Finder” which consists of a mobile application for finding physical casinos.

Find Your Casino

The website, a British independent website for news about the world of casinos has launched its new application to find casinos designed for the iPhone and Android devices. The “Casino Finder” application has a complete database containing all physical casinos in the UK, available to be viewed in a list via a clearly defined map.

For those who have smartphones and tablets using GPS, the application will be able to inform you about the casino closest to your location, which is a very valuable resource, especially for those who are away from home, for example tourists who want to go to the nearest casino.

The application will also give users more information about each casino, including the type of games and the facilities they offer, to ensure that you don’t ruin your night of fun by entering an establishment that does not offer the games you are looking for.

Mobile Games Everywhere

UK residents have benefited from many innovations with regard to mobile games in recent years, with top online casinos competing to see who can bring the most innovative and interesting product to devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Recently, All Slots Mobile Casino launched a new application in the UK application store. The application includes 33 of the best mobile games from online casinos , all of them specifically designed and formatted to provide a seamless gaming experience on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

A couple of weeks ago, Ladbrokes became the first company to launch the new Realistic Games applications, Blackjack and Roulette applications for iPhone devices. Both applications bring physical casinos to life on your small smartphone screen with high quality graphics, as well as sound, personalized preferences, game history, and even 3D capability (in the case of the Roulette application).

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